Maître de Cabine Samira: “Together as a crew we have the most fun of our lives”

Ever wondered what it would be like to serve in our Passenger Care Center, how things work in Network Operations Control or what our cabin crew members find the biggest challenges in their daily duties aloft? Our ‘High Five’ series offers fascinating insights into the many and varied personalities who are behind our company. In each feature we ask our interviewee five questions that provide an intriguing look into their particular working day.

In this edition of High Five, Maître de Cabine Samira Buser answers our questions and tells us about the highlights and challenges of her job.

Samira what do you do at SWISS and how long have you been there?
I have been working at SWISS for three years. I started as a flight attendant in August 2019. I have now been a Maître de Cabine since this summer. But SWISS has been with me for a long time. My father was also a First Class FA with SWISS and Swissair for over 30 years, so I was born to fly. In addition, my family’s network of friends is very SWISS-oriented.

But as a 25-year-old, it’s a fast track to Maître de Cabine, how does your environment react to that?
I experience it very positively from crew members and superiors. On board I sometimes receive comments that my change came very quickly. My career is certainly not normal, but I have always been encouraged and supported by my team leader.

What makes up the day-to-day work as an Maître de Cabine? What are the highlights and what are the challenges?
I shape the team in a way and support two to five crew members in the cabin. It’s great to see how individuals form an overall construct in which everyone pulls together and has the most fun of their lives. The passengers also perceive you differently through the stripes on your shoulders and I find the exchange with them very valuable. Another highlight is certainly the friendships I have already made during my training and my working hours. Nevertheless, it is not always easy for a young Maître de Cabine to assert himself against the older and more experienced crew members.

«My highlight? When I can do something good for someone»

Samira Buser
Maître de Cabine

Is there a personal highlight from your everyday working life that you like to remember?
When I can do something good for someone. For example, I like to give special attention to passengers who arrive on our plane just before a connecting flight, so that they feel right at home on board. I am especially happy about the sincere “thank you”.

“I find the exchange with the passengers very valuable”.

What do you think it takes to become a Maître de Cabine, what tips do you have?
As an Flight Attendant, use every challenge that comes your way to grow. Dare not to avoid confrontations with guests or crew members, but solve them yourself before seeking help from MCs. Take as much as you can with you during your training. Fill your backpack with knowledge and experience and then pass it on to your colleagues.

Do you have a balance to your daily work?
Yes, not only one. I have my own horse, I’m active in the fire brigade, I drive trucks on the side and I help out on a friend’s farm. In my free time, I enjoy above all the connection with nature.

If you would like to follow Samira Buser in her everyday flying life, follow her on Instagram @flywithsamira


Text: Tanja Fegble und Jana Schuhmacher, SWISS Magazine
Photos: © Samira Buser

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