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ELIGIBILITY  – You must be able to show a valid Airline ID card upon check in.  Discounted rates are subject to Availability.  All payments are done directly with the hotels.

Latest Airline Staff Discounts – book directly with the hotels

Airline Staff Discounts – directly with the hotels

You book these Airline Staff Discounts directly with the hotel and you must be able to show a valid Airline ID card.

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Tnx Charlotte, I love that you always get back to me so swiftly.

MandyAmerican Airlines

Thank you, Charlotte, nice work.

RalfThai Airways

Thank you so much for the info! And your prompt response. Ur great. Keep well and keep up the good work.

ZelnaSouth African

I love your website and all the amazing industry deals!


Thank you very much for this response . I will contact the hotel directly. I wish you a lovely day and once again all the best for you bye-bye!


Wow!!! Fantastic!! Thank you so much for your quick response!!


Hi Charlotte just want to thank you for the emails you send me during the year it is always nice to hear from other airline staff and to check out the wonderful places we can go to.

KarlaAer Lingus

Thanks for the sweet reply Charlotte, have a wonderful weekend.

TariqTurkish Airlines

Many many thanks for this website, it’s so useful.

Dear Charlotte.
Just wanted to say a big thank you for your website as we have used it many times over the years. You do a great job.
Simon and ChrisQantas

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