Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant’s Jaw Was broken by a passenger in an aggresive dispute

The incident happen onboard a Southwest Airlines flight from Nashville to San Antonio, Texas on January 2021.
The court records says that police responded to the Little Rock National Airport after being briefed about an unruly passenger named Brenda Marie Aquino-Washington.

The police where told that the passenger removed her face mask several time and become aggressive when told to put it back on.
According to witness, Aquino-Washington tossed food in a flight attendants face and then repeatedly punched her in the face until another flight attendant was able subdue her and put Aquino-Washington in restraints until the plane could land.
The flight attendant’s jaw was broken and she still suffers constant pain and partial paralysis of her jaw.

Brenda Marie Aquino-Washington, 22, of El Paso, pleaded guilty in January to a misdemeanor count of assault in the Maritime and Territorial Jurisdiction, a crime she could be sentenced to up to one year in prison and get a $100,000 fine for.

Instead, U.S. District Judge Brian Miller opted to sentence Aquino to the statutory maximum five years of probation and $250 fine on Friday— a sentence that Aquino’s lawyers disputed because it exceeded the maximum three-year probation recommended by U.S. sentencing guidelines. The fine, which is half the suggested lower policy range of $500 to $9,500.

Arkansas Democrat Gazette:
– “Aquino-Washington’s attorney, KenDrell Collins with the Federal Public Defenders Office in Little Rock, described his client’s actions that day as being brought on by what he said was later diagnosed as having bipolar disorder that she is now being treated for.

“She’s been doing well,” Collins said. “She’s been working consistently, living her own life and doing all of the things she’s supposed to do. I think this is just a situation where probation will be appropriate.”

“So your argument is this is a mental health event and the first time it happened?” asked Miller. “It’s not like she was on notice this could happen and she went on the plane anyway?”

Image: © Southwest Airlines


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