– Don’t bring a live chicken as your emotional support animal.

– Avoid trying to impress your fellow passengers with your yoga skills. Nobody wants to see you attempting the downward dog in the limited legroom space.

– Refrain from treating the cabin as your own personal spa. Applying a face mask and cucumber slices may be refreshing, but the flight attendants might mistake you for a high-maintenance avocado.

– Do not attempt to test the aerodynamics of your carry-on luggage by throwing it down the aisle. Your fellow passengers are not bowling pins, and the overhead compartments are not the lanes.

– Avoid using your tray table as a personal drum set during turbulence. Your seatmates might appreciate your rhythm, but the flight attendants won’t be impressed by the mid-air concert.

– Don’t treat the safety instructions as a comedy routine. While it’s great to have a sense of humor, joking about the emergency exit procedures might lead to an unscheduled stand-up comedy performance at the nearest airport security office.

– Refrain from attempting to join the mile-high club with a fellow passenger. Let’s keep the “up, up, and away” for the flight and not your romantic escapades.

– Avoid conducting a science experiment involving foul-smelling substances in the lavatory.

– Don’t engage in a heated political debate with the passenger near to you. Remember, the cabin is not a debating chamber, and your fellow travelers may not appreciate the turbulence of your opinion

– Do not initiate a pillow fight with the person sitting next to you. Not only will you annoy your neighbor, but you’ll also likely end up on a no-fly list for causing chaos at 30,000 feet.

– Do not attempt to open a pop-up restaurant in the galley with your own selection of microwaveable meals. The airline already has a menu.

Resist the temptation to hold a “Scream Like There’s No Tomorrow” contest during takeoff or landing. Your fellow passengers appreciate a quiet and anxiety-free flight experience.

Dear passenger, embrace your proximity to the emergency exit, but remember, it’s not just an exit; it’s a symbol of your duty to safety, not your invitation to the Escape Club.

Remember, a flight is an opportunity for a safe and enjoyable journey, so let’s all embrace the “funny, but not too foolish” side of travel!

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