Anyone need to get fit? Start training with easyJet crew 😊

Airline staff devise new exercise regime based on the daily routine of the cabin crew for Brits trying to get fit this January

Cabin Crew average 10,000 steps a day or half a million a year on the job clocking up over 700 miles – the equivalent to walking from London to Barcelona.

easyJet crew front a series of simple online home workout videos, titled ‘Travel Bag Body Blast’, swapping gym equipment for cabin bag hand luggage to help people enjoy a workout at home without the price tag of new equipment or gym membership

Participants can expect to tackle exercises such as ‘Landing Lunges’, ‘Cloud Climbers’, ‘The Pilot’s Press’, ‘Suitcase Squats’ and ’38,000 feet’

The fitness plan has been launched following new research by easyJet revealing 80% of Brits will make a New Year’s resolution to get fit, but three quarters of those (75%) likely to have given up their exercise regime by the end of January

easyJet cabin crew are the stars of a new flying-inspired fitness regime, designed to get help Brits get fit this January.

The new exercise plan is based on the daily routine of the cabin crew who really do get their 10,000 steps in each day. On average they clock up half a million steps a year on the job, or 700 miles – the equivalent to walking from London to Barcelona.

A series of free online exercise classes have been created, titled ‘Travel Bag Body Blast’, in which gym equipment and weights are swapped for cabin bag hand luggage.

Participants can expect to tackle flying-themed exercises such as ‘Landing Lunges’, ‘Cloud Climbers’, ‘The Pilot’s Press’, ‘Suitcase Squats’ and ‘38,000 feet’

A tongue-in-cheek promo film for the campaign has been revealed, starring easyJet cabin crew in orange sweatbands, as they display exercises such as side lunges whilst serving the onboard Bistro, squats whilst stowing suitcases and push-ups with pushchairs.

The ‘bag to basics’ exercise routine has been devised following new research by the airline which reveals 80% of Brits will make a New Year’s resolution to get fit. However, 61% admit they hate going to the gym and three-quarters (75%) admit are likely to give up their exercise regime by the end of January.

The new video will help people kickstart their new year’s fitness resolutions by showing them simple exercises they can enjoy in their own home, without the price-tag of new equipment or a gym membership.

The survey of 2,000 Brits aged 18 – 65 also reveals Brits, on average, admit to wasting £500+ on gym membership fees over their lifetime, signing up with good intentions but then quickly getting bored.

On average, Brits spend £99 every year on unused gym clothes, and while two in five spend money on monthly gym fees, only 65% of those only go once a month. A further quarter (27%) of us with gym memberships admit to not even going to the gym once.

Of those surveyed, 72% have bought gym equipment for the home, spending on average £278, with a third (34%) admitting that this equipment is gathering dust as it never gets used.

The ‘Travel Bag Body Blast’ workout from easyJet is available for FREE on YouTube

The exercise course was devised by cabin crew in consultation with professional Personal Trainer Aimee Corry.

Each exercise in the routine is to be performed for 40 seconds with a 20 second rest, before moving on to the next one. Once a full circuit is complete, take 30 – 60 seconds rest before repeating. Performing 3 – 4 rounds of this circuit can burn up to 100 calories.

For Brits who plan to make a New Year’s resolution this year, the most popular resolution is to get fit and exercise more, followed by saving more money and taking up a new hobby or skill.

Brits’ Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions have been revealed as:

1. Getting fit and exercising more– 80%

2. Saving money – 41%

3. Taking up a new hobby or skill – 25%

4. Giving up smoking – 20%

5. Visiting friends and family more frequently – 19%

6. Getting better at cooking – 14%

7. Travelling to more destinations abroad – 13%

8. Reading books more often – 11%

9. Decorating/renovating the home – 9%

10. Spending more time socialising – 8%

Georgia Phelan, cabin crew member with easyJet, said:

“Being cabin crew and looking after our customers while flying all over Europe is a fast-paced, dynamic job and so we all really enjoyed bringing that energy to these creative get-fit routines to help make getting active easy and enjoyable, all from your own home.”

Michael Brown Director of Cabin Services at easyJet, said:

“In the New Year when people are making resolutions for the year and planning their holidays to look forward to, we wanted to bring a bit of enjoyment to homes up and down the country with our easy and creative work-outs, fronted by our very own fantastic crew and inspired by their daily routine, to help the nation get ‘flying fit’ – and have fun while they do.”

Image & Video: © easyJet