Frontiers newest plane tail has a cute Sloth, Tico the Two-Toed Sloth

The Hoffmann’s two-toed sloth was chosen to honor Frontier destination partner Costa Rica and highlight this unique species native to Costa Rica. Tico is a name used to refer to the natives of Costa Rica.

Frontier Airlines serves both San Jose and Liberia, Costa Rica. The two-toed and three-fingered sloths were declared a national symbol of Costa Rican wildlife in 2021. Costa Rica has been working hard to maintain the country’s biodiversity by creating conservation areas around the country, giving travelers the unique opportunity to enjoy more than 30 national parks, nine biological reserves, and 51 wildlife sanctuaries that are home to numbers of sloths.

They are primarily nocturnal and can be distinguished by their white-ringed faces, brown snouts, and shaggy coats. Sloths are mammals that spend around 90 percent of their lives upside down in the trees within rainforests and can live up to 30 years.

The decline of sloth populations is due to deforestation and urbanization, which have resulted in a multitude of risks for sloths. Due to habitat loss, sloths are coming down to the ground more frequently and are, therefore, vulnerable to dog attacks, car strikes, and poaching. Costa Rica is taking measures to ensure these unique creatures continue to thrive in their natural habitat.


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