Oops! An emergency escape slide blows up inside a Delta Flight and injures Cabin Crew

During a recent Delta Air Lines flight, the inflatable emergency slide of the aircraft unexpectedly “exploded” inside the cabin, striking a cabin crew member akin to the deployment of a car’s airbag.

This incident took place on Flight 520, which was en route from New York to Los Angeles but had to make an unscheduled landing in Salt Lake City on June 10. The diversion to Utah was prompted by a maintenance problem, specifically an issue with a temperature instrument belonging to a backup system required for icing conditions, as stated by the captain according to the New York Post.

All 168 passengers disembarked and everyone boarded the plane again at around 1pm local time.

However, while the plane was waiting at the gate, an inflatable emergency slide located at the rear of the aircraft was unintentionally deployed, resulting in it striking a flight attendant. As a precautionary measure, the affected crew member was promptly taken to the hospital for evaluation.

According to a passenger’s account, the deployment of the slide was described as an “explosion” inside the plane. Another passenger claimed that the accidental deployment caused a panel to be dislodged from the door, hitting the crew member in a manner reminiscent of a car’s airbag.

Due to the incident, all passengers had to disembark once again, and arrangements were made for a second plane to depart from Utah at 4 pm to transport the travelers. As compensation for the inconvenience, passengers reportedly received 7,500 SkyMiles.

A spokesperson from Delta was stating, “Delta flight 520, operating from New York-JFK to Los Angeles, was diverted to Salt Lake City due to a maintenance issue. While on the ground, the same aircraft’s slide was accidentally deployed. In order to ensure the swift and safe transportation of our customers to their final destination, they were re-accommodated on a new aircraft.
We apologise for the delay to their travel plans. Nothing is more important than the safety of our customers and people.”

Delta also confirmed that the crew member has been discharged from hospital.

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