Scott crew

Cabin Crew Based in Singapore

Introducing… the Coolest People You’ll Ever Meet!

About the job…

It is no secret that our cabin crew are some of the most fun-loving and well-travelled people around. In their time with Scoot, they are encouraged to express their individuality, get to meet new friends from around the world (sometimes even picking up a new language or two), never have to bring work home (sign me up!) and have the licence to carry out fun activities during our flights (did I hear someone say “pyjamas party??”) with like-minded quirky teammates. As if that’s not awesome enough, there’s unlimited discounted staff travel to sweeten the deal for those looking to check off their travel bucket list!

But aside from all the fun stuff, what really makes our Scootees (as we affectionately call our cabin crew) some of the coolest people you’ll ever meet, is that they take their job pretty darn seriously. We train and develop our cabin crew to deliver excellent customer service and confidently handle all sorts of situations or emergencies that can occur during a flight.

You’ll be right at home with our cabin crew if…

• You believe work doesn’t have to be dull and love to be around like-minded people who don’t take themselves too seriously all the time

• You enjoy expressing your own individuality and creativity

• You find talking, helping, and providing service to others rewarding

• You are always on the lookout for a new adventure with Singapore’s biggest top low-cost carrier

Our Unique Cabin Crew Training Programme

Our cabin crew, also fondly known as Scootees, undergo 6 – 7 weeks of intensive training, specially designed to equip them with the skills required of a cabin crew at Scoot. These include:

i. Safety and emergency procedures training
ii. Service procedures training
iii. Product training

iv. Scootitude training (all about Scoot’s unique fun-loving culture and traditions)

Once you’ve graduated from the programme, you will be certified to operate on both the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and Airbus A320-family aircraft – truly the best of both worlds!

The people you’ll work with

Take it from us, our Scootees not only know how to work hard, they play hard too, and fun is definitely permitted on board! You can expect to team with Scootees from all backgrounds – we have mid-career joiners, those new to the aviation world, and seasoned crew members – all with a joy for flying.
On board, cabin crew are guided by supervisors – either a Complex Leader or a Crew-in-Charge. They are trained to be caring and nurturing leaders who provide ample guidance as crew learns on the job. To show how serious we are about fun, crew volunteers have come together to form our unique Scootitude Team – a committee that aims to help our Scootees create fun and memorable experiences on board their flights for our passengers. Our cabin crew have pulled off many wacky flights – from Pokémon-themed dances to inflight weddings, there’s no limit to their creativity!

Your office

Our Scootees get to work in our state-of-the-art Boeing 787 Dreamliners and Airbus A320-family aircraft. You may even get to fly in a literal rainbow on your next flight in our Boeing 787 Dreamliner!

Our cabin crew operate within a highly digital culture. Over the years, Scoot has continuously invested in a digital infrastructure that make work a breeze for our tech-savvy Scootees. Before their flight, Crew-in-Charge conduct pre-flight briefings on a tablet updated in real-time with the latest training materials and circulars prior to departure. Inflight, cabin crew receive passenger orders via a digital fulfilment device, removing the manual transactional aspects of inflight service such as order taking and payment processing entirely.

To ensure our crew can stay connected even while they are on the go, we adopt teleconferencing and online communication tools accessible via mobile.

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