For 6 years Astrid has been employed at Helvetic Airways – part-time senior Cabin Attendant while studying

Today Paris and Oslo. Tomorrow lecture at the University of Zurich.
Astrid loves Nice and she loves life above the clouds. She has been working for Helvetic Airways for 6 years – now as a part-time senior cabin attendant. In addition to her job, she is also a student at the University of Zurich. How does she combine work and studies? Very easy, with determination and a good calendar. In an interview, Astrid explains how she organizes her life between flying and studying.

Studies and career. That sounds like a huge challenge. How do you reconcile all of this?
With good planning and an extra dose of flexibility. I currently fly 60% of the time, and the rest of the time I study political science as a major and business science as a minor at the University of Zurich.

During the week I have two so-called blackout days – I definitely don’t have any flights on these days. There I am at the university and taking part in my compulsory seminars. A big advantage is of course that not only my job but also my studies are very flexible. Many seminars are recorded. I can then watch these online from home or even in the evening during a stopover at the hotel.

Flights can be planned on the remaining days of the week. I always get my deployment plan a month in advance. As soon as I get this, I’ll start planning my university and free time around it.

Are there things you have to do without because of the double burden?
Yes, of course. Due to my blackout days during the week, I usually fly on the weekend. Of course, meetings with friends, concerts or parties often get the short end of the stick. But that’s okay. Most of the time on my days off I do something with my dear aviation colleagues, who also work very irregularly. It’s all a question of organization.

How did you decide to fly while studying?
For me it was the other way around. I flew full-time for Helvetic Airways and thought during the Corona period that I would like to study part-time. Once my plan was finalized, I was able to reduce my number of flights. Helvetic Airways even offers its own part-time model – it’s called Fly&Study and is perfect for all students who are looking to start their professional life alongside their studies. However, since you have to have flown 100% for at least half a year, it is worth taking a gap year after graduating from high school so that you can continue working with Fly&Study during your studies.

That sounds like a real dream job. What do you love most about your job as a cabin attendant at Helvetic Airways?
Definitely the friendly atmosphere among all colleagues. Even though the crew is regrouped every time they are deployed, there is an incredible sense of togetherness. No matter whether it’s the cockpit or the cabin crew, you just know that you can rely on each other.

And the second point, of course, is “being on the move”. For me, aviation is the ideal antidote to university. Of course, it can get stressful at times – especially during exams. But as soon as I put on my uniform and get on the plane, my head is clear. It’s like I leave everything behind for a moment. Because one has nothing to do with the other. This means you can concentrate perfectly on the moment both on the plane and at university.



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