American Airlines

American Airlines Airbus A321 has left the paint hangar, showing off their Allegheny Airlines heritage livery

This unique livery is the latest addition to American Airlines’ fleet of retro jets, honoring the legacy of carriers like US Airways, PSA Airlines, and Piedmont.

The history of Allegheny Airlines is a journey that begins in 1939 when it operated under the name All American Aviation Company, primarily engaged in mail delivery services. In 1949, it underwent a name change to All American Airways before being rebranded once again as Allegheny Airlines in 1953.

Based in Pittsburgh, Allegheny continued to operate under this name until October 28, 1979, when it transitioned to the moniker USAir, later becoming known as US Airways. This significant name change occurred following the approval of the Airline Deregulation Act, which provided Allegheny the opportunity to expand its route network beyond its predominantly northeastern U.S. base.

During its tenure as Allegheny Airlines, the company was recognized for operating twin-engine aircraft, including the Convair 340 and the Fairchild F-27. Notably, it earned the somewhat tongue-in-cheek nickname “Agony Air” due to its reputation for harrowing flights in adverse weather conditions over the rugged landscapes of Pennsylvania and other northeastern states, as reported by the Chicago Tribune in 1994.

Ultimately, US Airways merged with American Airlines, marking the end of its operations, and it conducted its final flight in October 2015.

Images: © American Airlines

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