Aegean Airlines new uniforms have just landed

In perfect harmony with our neo-era vision, the new uniforms represent an evolution and renewal in the attire worn by our people.
Taking inspiration from the color palette of the Greek skies and seas, label Zeus+Δione – led by the creative direction and design prowess of Marios Schwab – has created a collection of outfits that combine our Greek heritage with our neo-era philosophy.

With the utmost respect for AEGEAN’s identity and seamless incorporation of its core elements, codes, and symbols, Zeus+Δione, led by the creative direction and design prowess of Marios Schwab, takes a progressive leap by offering the crew a diverse range of options, from trousers, to dresses and skirts; pieces that form a multifaceted mosaic in the crew’s attire. Classic tailored silhouettes are thoughtfully accented with attached neck scarves, geometric asymmetries, and contrasting linear accents that underscore the garments’ structural finesse.

When it comes to the men’s cabin crew and ground staff uniforms, band collars replace traditional lapels, infusing a hint of the simplicity of Doric architecture, whilst easy-to-wear waistcoats and suits ensure both comfort and unrestricted movement during duty. In a time of championing diversity and inclusivity, our new uniforms not only unite the AEGEAN team but also offer a canvas for expressing the distinctive personalities that collectively shape it.

Our new look: Hair & Make up

Through a complete make-up look that reflects the light and glow of the Greek sun, in collaboration with KORRES brand, we have created a modern make-up that highlights the natural beauty of our people. Influenced by Greek nature, we chose earth tones of brown, bronze and pink that highlight the uniqueness of each one and guarantee the perfect appearance and comfort of our staff throughout the flight.
In the same philosophy, hair grooming comes to complete the renewed look with loose ponytails and braids.

New Uniform