This might be the most detailed and intricate paper plane you’ve seen yet.

In this video, a designer creates the various classes of seats you’ll find in a plane entirely out of paper. The seats appear fully functional, with sliding doors for the suite’s compartment and chairs that recline.

The video already racked up 3,000 likes within the hour it was posted on Facebook.

For the video, American designer Luca Iaconi-Stewart built the incredibly detailed model. The ad campaign was produced by Japanese agency Dentsu’s Singapore arm, Dentsu Mobius.

Dentsu Möbius told AirlineStaffRates that the project took over 3,000 hand-cut pieces from 100 manila envelopes, and 1,000 hours to complete. The seats are at a scale of 1:20.

This isn’t the first plane that Iaconi-Stewart has built a model like this. The designer first shot to fame in 2014, when he built a 1:60 scale model of a Boeing 777-300ER using manila folders. According to reports, it took 10,000 hours to build the model, and he even dropped out of Vassar college to spend more time on building it.