United Airlines Captain William Dale has adopted a dog named Polaris who had been abandoned at San Francisco International Airport

United Airlines Pilot Give Adorable Puppy a New Home

The airline donated $5,000 to the SF SPCA at a celebratory adoption party for Polaris the dog and his new family at SFO.

San Francisco SPCA and United Airlines partnered to give a new, loving home and family to Polaris the dog after he was abandoned at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) earlier this fall. Through the partnership, Polaris found a forever home with United Captain William Dale and his family. On December 15, United hosted a celebratory adoption party at SFO and donated $5,000 to the SF SPCA to support their year-round lifesaving work helping animals who are ill, injured, homeless, or in need of an advocate.

“United’s Customer Service team took on quite a challenge to ensure Polaris would be safe, healthy, and find a loving home,” said Lisa Feder, SF SPCA Chief of Rescue and Welfare. “We were honored that United called the SF SPCA to facilitate this adoption because of our knowledge and expertise in adoptions, as well as nearly 155 years of offering care and protection to pets. We’re grateful that we can celebrate with them today, and for their $5,000 donation that will help to save lives year-round.”

The dog arrived with a traveler at SFO from an international destination where the customer chose to continue traveling on without his animal. United worked to ensure the puppy completed necessary requirements to enter the United States, including a quarantine period.

“From the moment Polaris landed in our care, our entire SFO United team cared for him 24/7 until we were able to get permission to keep him safely in the U.S.,” said Vincent Passafiume, Director of Customer Service at United. “It’s a great feeling to see this story come full circle and that Polaris will have a loving home with United Airlines Captain Dale and his family—just in time for the holidays.”

During the holiday season, the SF SPCA is making it easier for anyone to give a lucky pet a new home with FREE adoptions for all adult dogs (5+ months old) through December 31 and get 50% off the puppy adoption fee by completing their online Puppy Parent Orientation course. View adoptable animals at sfspca.org/adopt

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