Long Bay Resort & Villas

Long Bay Resort & Villas

Long Bay Resort & Villas
Location on Tortola, British Virgin Islands: Hidden away on a 52-acre estate, Long Bay rises up the hillside from a mile of talcum-powder sand caressed by the gentle Caribbean Sea. Dive or sail around the island’s hidden treasures, or just relax in the spa. Villas are perfect for families seeking an island retreat.
The British Virgin Islands lie at that imaginary border where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean, approximately 60 miles east of Puerto Rico, north of the Leeward Islands, and adjacent to the U.S. Virgin Islands. Tortola is located 18 degrees 26 Minutes North, 64 Degrees 40 Minutes West. It rises steeply out of the sea to around 1500 feet despite being relatively small in size.

Long Bay Beach Resort
Interline rates: Long Bay 2015 Direct Interline Special Rates – book before 31 March
Example: fr. US$160 Beachfront Cabana per room/night (normal rate US$300)

Rates are valid to 20 December 2015 – must book before 31 March 

Reservations: reservations@eliteislands.com
Website: www.longbay.com

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