Air India

To be or not to be grey for Air India’s crew

While the majority of the Board of Directors at Tata Group, Air India’s new owner, all proudly bear slivery hair in their corporate portraits, they have no qualms whatsoever about demanding that the airline’s cabin crew rigorously groom and color their hairdo in order to hide all signs of greying.

“Grey hair is not permitted. Grey hair must be regularly colored in [a] natural shade. Fashion colors and henna are not permitted,” say the guidelines issued after the airline’s grooming leaflet in October.”

In addition, male crew members have also been asked to shave their heads in case of weak hair growth. No crew cut there, in other words.

The new guidelines also include what type of jewellery you can wear. Only rings in wedding band design are allowed for men and only bracelets Sikhs wear as a symbol of their faith with a max 0.5cm without any design, stones, or logos is allowed.

Women are not allowed to wear pearl ornaments and they are asked to wear only round gold and diamond studs without any design or ornamentation.