Tiara woman

A gallery curator dubbed ‘the Lady Gaga of the arts world’ has been charged with biting the backside of another woman during a disagreement on a transatlantic flight.

Stacey Engman, 38, a National Arts Club member based in Manhattan, is accused of sinking her teeth into Christina Tyler, while wearing a tiara on a Turkish Airline flight from Istanbul back to JFK last July.

Ms Tyler, 33, of Brooklyn had complained that Engman was almost resting her head in her lap when she objected and a dispute ensued.

After the disagreement escalated, it is then that Engman is accused of biting the victim on the backside.

According to court papers seen by the New York Post, Engman had been wearing the tiara and had been telling fellow passengers how she had been on a yacht for the past five days.

She later fell asleep and it is alleged that she ended up sprawled out across Ms Tyler, who eventually objected.

Engman is then accused of raising and lowering the arm rest on the victim’s leg and launching into a tirade of insults.

Ms Tyler then told Engman to calm down but claims it was then had she bit her on the backside, leaving teeth marks.

When the plane landed in New York City, Port Authority police interviewed both women and witnesses of the dispute.