Whether you’re someone with #wanderlust or you simply love being at 30,000 feet, here are the British Airways pilots to follow on social right now.

Sharing beautiful images of skylines, city scenes and cool perspectives of aircraft on Instagram are Senior First Officer Suneil Banerjee aka the787dreamlife and First Officer James Parry CL10UDS. Find fun destination guides and travel inspiration courtesy of First Officer Jonathan Knowlson jonnythepilot.

Captain Dave Wallsworth proudly flies the superjumbo A380 all over the world and keeps fans updated on his route plans and aviation adventures. Follow him on Twitter @davewallsworth. Also flying the A380 and sharing their insights and photos on Twitter are Senior First Officer @grahamsturgeon and First Officer Joanna Riggs @ladyspeedbird.

Senior First Officer @PilotKateBees gives a behind the scenes look at her job as a 747 pilot. She also shares how she balances her life as a mum and a global traveller. First Officer Helen Geering @shesgotwings777 ‏shares her love of long-haul and lunges, flying high and keeping fit on the go.

For photos of beautiful skylines and interesting preflight videos, make sure to follow Senior First Officer @MarkGrigg as he flies his Boeing 787 around the world. For aviation experts with questions, we recommend Training Standards Captain Chris Holden, available @That787Pilot or Captain Ben Whitworth @benwhitworth1.

For aviation banter and quick snapshots from the cockpit (especially on #wingfriday) Captain Mark Mannering-Smith can be found on Twitter @mmsBA. Senior First Officer Scott Bateman MBE flies the ever popular Boeing 747 and keeps aviation fans updated on the industry. He is available on Twitter @jumbo747pilot.