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Ready for service with “Delicious over the sky, no need to fly, you can enjoy” in the form of a restaurant on the 2nd floor, Building 2, Thai Airways Vibhavadi Headquarters, every Wednesday – Friday from 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

We have renovated the restaurant. Designed to have an atmosphere similar to an airplane cabin with chairs of first class, business class and economy class Including various spare parts of the aircraft that have not been used. The highlight here is the navigation of the stairs. To make a way up to the restaurant so that customers who think about traveling can experience traveling without flying

We select the most popular international food menu at the event. “Super delicious, you don’t have to fly, you can enjoy” cooked by original chefs from each country. At the Thai Airways kitchen, you can experience the deliciousness as always, such as pasta, chawama, chicken tikka, yakisoba, cheesecake, salad, grilled meat, spicy sauce.

Our team of chefs create new, rotating menus for you to taste.
We have fresh tea and coffee drinks and freshly baked bakery from Puff & Pie every day.

If you want privacy or come as a group, we have a mezzanine zone Which provides privacy and exclusive service

✈️ Get ready – Fasten the belt – Fold the table in front of the seat – Adjust the backrest – Open the window blinds – Ready to TAKE OFF to experience dining in an atmosphere you’ve never seen before.

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