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Swoop celebrates its first flights, servicing Hamilton, ON, Abbotsford, BC and Halifax, NS on June 20, 2018

Following Swoop’s recent livery reveal many have wondered just how prominently the Swoop uniforms will feature the airline’s magenta brand colour.

“We set out to create a uniform that was comfortable, versatile and stylish, while keeping costs low,” shared Swoop’s Kellie Farrer, Sr. Leader, Inflight. “I’d describe the uniform as a modern take on classic styles. The staple uniform pieces have a monochrome palette that is accented with the signature Swoop magenta so you get a little bit of fashion and a lot of function.”

“I’d describe the uniform as a modern take on classic styles.”

Who, what, wear? Pilot Uniforms

Pilots will sport their choice of short or long sleeved collared grey shirts paired with charcoal pants and an optional black zip-up cardigan with button tabs for their epaulettes and stitched pin-holes for their pilot wings.
In the spirit of keeping it casual, the pilot uniforms will not include a hat or tie.

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Cabin Crew Uniforms

Cabin Crew members have several uniform options including a comfortable charcoal grey dress, or pants that can be paired with a short or long sleeved white collared shirt. These options can be accessorized with a black or magenta belt, custom Swoop neck scarf, cut-away cardigan or zippered cardigan. A custom dress with a mandarin collar is currently in production and will be added and unveiled in the fall.

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Customer Service Agents Uniforms

Customer service agents will wear their own black or charcoal pants with the same white collared shirts that cabin crew members wear. The shirts include details like a Swoop rondelle logo embroidered on the sleeve and grosgrain piping on the collar.

Swoop’s official uniform collection also includes:

  • Swoop branded Crew luggage and insulated lunch kit
  • A form fitted black jacket with embossed Swoop rondelle logo on the left chest, thumb hole sleeves, and small magenta accents including a logo zipper pull and neck tab
  • A black down jacket for cold Canadian winters
  • A grey and magenta Swoop lanyard
  • Bronze pilots wings
  • Silver brevet-style name badges for cabin crew and customer service agents

Now that the Swoop livery and uniforms have been officially unveiled, Canada’s first true ultra-low-cost carrier really is ready for the runway.

About Swoop

Swoop has flown into the Canadian travel market to provide the country with a no-frills, lower- fare air travel option that will get more Canadians travelling. Swoop has the unique position of being the only ultra-low-cost carrier in Canada with a strong balance sheet, a modern fleet of Boeing 737-800 aircraft and a management team with deep knowledge of the aviation market. For more details on Swoop, its 2018 launch plans and employment opportunities, sign up at FlySwoop.com