Southwest has unveiled a new bold look, which includes their logo, planes, airport experience, website and app. The new livery is called “Heart”. You will see it in their new logo and showcased on the bellies of their planes.

The new look goes hand-in-hand with the next chapter of Southwest Airlines story. Its all about moving People, by helping them travel travel from one place to another, and by genuinely caring for Employees and Customers. Even if the look is new, the Airline emphases that it is still built around: amazing Employees, legendary Customer Service and low fares.

About 40,000 front-line employees will begin wearing the newly designed uniforms that highlight the company’s distinctive red-and-blue livery, rolled out in 2014, further complemented with the new Heart cabin interior to be fitted in the Boeing 737-800 and 737-8 MAX aircraft.

The new uniform is designed by its own employees, who been working together with Cincinnati-based Cintas. All employees will begin wearing the new look mid-June 2017.

Southwest´s new colors is built around four energising colors. Bold Blue evokes the spirit of reaching new heights. Warm Red reprints their passion for helping their customers. Sunrise Yellow symbolizes an exciting new day for Southwest. And Summit Silver adds a contemporary energy to take them into the future.


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