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A new year inspires people to try something different and make new connections.

Travel is a catalyst for these opportunities, and JetBlue are fortunate to help customers welcome new experiences every day. That said, in reality, they know that people are often so focused on getting from point A to point B that they don’t open themselves up to the possibilities around them throughout their travels. In fact, although millions of people take to the skies each day, only 16 percent make it a point to connect with someone new at the airport.*

In an effort to inspire humanity and share happiness, JetBlue partnered with Coca-Cola to use the power of food to encourage meaningful connections, even at a place where people rarely interact: the airport.

Watch JetBlue help our customers break bread and barriers by meeting for the first time over a custom fusion meal inspired by their backgrounds.

Together with Coca-Cola, they created “Shared Plate,” a pop-up restaurant where they invited JetBlue customers to dine with complete strangers. Instead of a set menu, the restaurant served one-of-a-kind meals by Chef JJ Johnson, who created personalized fusion dishes inspired by the diverse backgrounds of each diner to encourage meaningful connections at each table.

The result? Complete strangers had memorable experiences in an unlikely place where they were brought together for a meal full of unique food, laughter and authentic connections.

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