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© Courtesy of Shambala Petit Beach Hotel & Yoga Retreat

Shambala Petit Beach Hotel & Yoga Retreat

Tulum has a beautiful energy that resonates with you just moments after your arrival and is sure to leave an imprint in your heart. It is becoming revered as the ‘best kept secret’ amongst Friends & Yoga Teachers. Hidden among the palm trees, cherished by the turquoise water of the Caribbean Ocean, Shambala Petit Hotel is a secret spot where minimal décor meets the Mayan Culture.
Its pristine environment with the magical help of the waves crashing onto the shore wash over the stress accumulated by the daily and working routine. The sun energizes your body, the stars light up your walks on the beach at night and the sound of the waves, while you are in bed, drifts you into magic dreams like sweet lullabies.

At Shambala Petit Hotel, we ask our guests not to see us as a hotel but as a home, where you can relax at our beautiful beach paradise and experience the energy of Tulum.

Airline Staff Discount: 40% discount
Must reserve in advance, no last minute deals 
The discount is valid June, July, August , September and October.