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Ryanair today (8 July) welcomed the acceptance by its UK cabin crew of a 4-year agreement negotiated with UNITE the union on pay reductions of between 5% to 10% – restored over 4 years – and productivity improvements. This agreement gives Ryanair a framework to flex its operation during the Covid-19 crisis and a pathway to recovery when the business returns to normal in the years ahead.

Last week Ryanair and its UK pilots accepted a similar deal to save jobs with 20% pay cuts and productivity improvements.

These agreements demonstrate that Ryanair pilots & cabin crew and their unions wish to work with the airline during the Covid-19 crisis where Ryanair will carry 50% less traffic, at significantly lower fares for the foreseeable future.


Ryanair’s CEO Eddie Wilson said:

“We welcome our cabin crew’s acceptance of the 4-year agreement negotiated with UNITE on 5% – 10% pay cuts to save hundreds of cabin crew jobs in the UK. The result of the negotiations with UNITE demonstrates the commitment from our cabin crew and their unions in the UK to work with Ryanair as we work our way through this crisis over the next number of years”.