Paleo Weight Loss Retreat Paleo Weight Loss Retreat Paleo Weight Loss Retreat
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Paleo Wellness Retreat

We are a Phuket based weight loss retreat designed to help you lose weight, detoxify your body, and restore you to optimal health and energy levels. Losing weight can be extremely stressful – if you have ever struggled with losing weight you will know this already!

At Paleo Wellness Retreat you can begin your exercise program with as little as 30 mins per day or as much as 3 hours per day!! Some of the activities we offer are:

Paleo Wellness Retreat Activities offered multiple times each week and throughout the day include:
Ice Baths
Aqua Fitness
In-room massage
Yoga (multiple types)
Swimming in warm saltwater pool

Tai Chi
Steam Room
Strength Training
Muay Thai, or Thai boxing
Guided meditation and visualization
Beach and shopping excursions (see below)

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