Newsletter 23 Dec 2019

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la Semilla
© Image Hotel La Semilla

PLAYA DEL CARMEN – Hotel La Semilla

Hotel La Semilla is an adults only nine-room bed and breakfast with a laid-back atmosphere. The organic forms and simple design reflect a sense of Mexican history, heritage, style and simplicity inspired by the Rough Lux movement.
The Hotel is a magical place filled with the love and care the owners put into running it.


El Patio
© Image El Patio 77

MEXICO CITY – El Patio 77

Welcome to El patio 77, the first sustainable B&B with design in Mexico City.
With 8 charmig rooms in a 1890 mansion where you can enjoy the delightful Mexican cuisine for breakfast, served in the tranquil courtyard. Afterwards, explore the extraordinary vibrancy and richness that the San Rafael Neighborhood and Mexico City have to offer.



Casa Bonay
© Image Casa Bonay

BARCELONA  – Casa Bonay

Beautiful hotel in an antique Barcelona house.
Wake up in a sunlit rooms, ride a bike around the city, walk to the beach, shop at the local market, run in the park, drink delicious natural wines on the hotel terrace, sip on cocktails, eat Mediterranean food, read books over a perfect cup of coffee, nap on couches, listen to live music, dance to the best DJ’s, enjoy barbecues & tapas, eat delicious comfort food dishes at any time of the day and practice yoga in their private courtyard terrace.



© Image The B.I.G.

The B.I.G Backpackers

The B.I.G in Green Point is perfectly situated between Cape Town’s iconic mountains and the beautiful Atlantic Ocean, in one of the city’s most stylish, vibrant and beautiful suburbs.

The B.I.G is walking distance from Cape Town’s City centre and only a few kilometers from the pristine beaches of Camps Bay & Clifton Beach. The B.I.G boasts modern, newly renovated, comfortable accommodation, in the relaxed atmosphere that makes Cape Town’s hospitality world famous.



Steel house

© Image Airline Staff Rates

COPENHAGEN  – The Steel House

At Steel House you get to stay in the absolute hippest part of Copenhagen, namely Vesterbro.  The  luxury hostel, with both private rooms and dorms, a pool and gym, is located right in the heart of Copenhagen, steps away from a whole host of experiences, whether you’re a culture buff, foodie, shopaholic, nature lover or something else entirely.