The creators of the FoldiMate realize that the worst part of doing laundry is having to fold all your clothes once they come out of the washer and dryer.

The Foldimate is an automatic clothes-folding machine that precisely folds all of your items so all you have to do is place them in your suitcase. To make it work, you hang your chosen items on clips and the machine does the rest.  Along with folding, the clothes go through a de-wrinkling, perfume, and sanitation treatment, making them smell and look fresh when you arrive at your destination.

Designed to sit next to your other laundry room appliances, the FoldiMate is able to neatly fold, steam, de-wrinkle, and even soften your clothes using your fabric softener of choice. Folding takes as little as 10 seconds per garment, and when it’s done you’re left with a neat stack of clothes ready to be hastily crammed into your suitcase.