Whether it’s a romantic goodbye, a joyful hello or a frantic race to the flight gate – airports are always filled with emotion and energy. This makes them an ideal setting for a scene, not only in real life but also in films. Many iconic movie moments have taken place in airports, from the McAllisters just about making their flight without Kevin in Home Alone to the lovefest ending of Love Actually.

To celebrate the airports role in film, Air New Zealand has created a new poster listing the top 20 airports featured in TV and film, by number of appearances. Unsurprisingly, Los Angeles’/Hollywood’s main airport LAX tops the list with 173 productions having shot scenes there. London Heathrow comes in at second with 75 productions, and Paris’ Charles De Gaulle airport is a close third with 73 productions.

The poster also includes examples of famous films that some of the airports featured in. LAX has hosted aliens in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Heathrow has courted David Beckham in… Bend It Like Beckham. JFK in New York is popular with crime films – Goodfellas and Catch Me If You Can both have scenes shot there.

Air New Zealand
© Image courtesy of Air New Zealand

Source: www.airnewzealand.co.uk/airport-movies-poster