10 fun facts about London

1. The famous 221B Baker St in Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson  actually takes place at 187 North Gower Street. The apartment is located right above the now famous Speedy’s Café. Come and grab a coffee while Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman filming some scenes.

2. The price of a ticket in the Underground depends on the direction you are going.

3. There are more Londons in the world we should know about. The USA alone has 8 towns with the same name. Even in Canada there is its own London situated on the river Themes as well.

4. It will be considered a betrayal towards the government if someone in Great Britain puts a stamp with an image of British monarch in upside down way.

5. The world famous landmark of London, Big Ben is actually neither the name of the Clock nor of the Tower. It is the name of the bell that is inside the Clock. The Tower is officially called the Elizabeth tower since 2012.

6. Modern London was formed by two ancient cities – City and Westminster, which together formed a district of greater London.

7. The world’s first subway was built in London in 1863.

8. A well-known landmark of the capital of England is Marble arch, which was originally built as the entrance to Buckingham Palace, but for some reasons, it had never been used. Inside this arch there is a tiny office, which is now used as the police station.

9. The Palace of Westminster, also known as the house of Parliament has over 1,100 rooms, 100 staircases, and 5 km of corridors.

10. With about 270 nationalities and 300 languages spoken, London is considered the most international city in the world. 2.5 million people, one third of Londoners, are foreign born.