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 How to list your hotel

Do you offer any special Travel Industry/Interline rates to Airline Staff?

If you do, we would be happy to promote your hotel for free. Airline Staff Rates is one of the most popular website for Airline Staff looking for discounted accommodation all over the world.
We have over 176 000 fans on facebook.

Did you know…
– that Airline Staff travel frequently, much more than a lot of other people do
– that Airline Staff love to provide recommendations to passengers, colleagues and friends

How does it work?
– send us your Discount in % or your Travel Industry Rates
– we will make a nice presentation of your hotel
– it will be published on our website, in our newsletter and if you can give 25% or more also on our facebook group
– the Airline Staff will contact your reservation directly and pay to your hotel according to your conditions
– the Airline Staff will show a valid Airline ID Card upon arrival to your hotel

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