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We always offer Airline Staff 10% discount off of any South African Big 5 Safari at our Luxury or Traditional Safari Lodges to Airline Staff and their companions.  You can see our safari schedule at

If you click on any of the Big 5 Safaris, you can see itineraries and photos of the Lodges.  We operate in the Greater Kruger, where we can go off-road to get up close to wildlife, allowing us to take incredible photos.

My partner Ernest and I are both professional award-winning published photographers.  As part of our safaris, we teach photography to those who want to learn, as well as Lightroom so they can process their photos.  With today’s exchange rate, our safaris range in price from $1000 – 2400.  We have 11 Big 5 safaris scheduled between April – August, which is the best time of year to go on safari.

Eagle Eye Safaris offer also Airline Staff Discounts on their boutique trips, such as Great Migration in Kenya ($100), Serengeti/Birthing Season in Tanzania ($100), Gorilla and Chimpanzee Trek in Uganda ($200) to Airline Staff.

We can also help arrange travel and lodging prior to and after the safari. Karen has been an Airline Captain for 15 years, so she is well-versed in the art of non-rev. They pride ourselves on outstanding communication before the safari, helping their clients with every detail of their trip.  You can download  Packing List and Travel Tip Sheet on from their website. The after-safari services include help with Lightroom so that clients can continue working with their photos when they get home.


© Image Eagle Eye Safaris