Must be a dream job! KLM – Wanted: Flying reporter

KLM is looking for someone who loves to travel and meet new people and cultures. Someone who will get the opportunity to go around the world for 90 days to report great news.

Little and big stories from every corner of the earth. Like the one about a waste collector in Bogota who created a free library from books that other people saw as trash. Or the one about a hurt tortoise in Fort Lauderdale that got a second chance after healing with acupuncture.

With a camera on your shoulder your mission is to find heart warming news, take pictures and collect footage when you report them. This will later be used for commercials, exciting articles and other content for KLM.

•  Good knowledge in English
•  Driving license
•  Experience in photography and/or filming

How to apply

You apply for the job by first filming and telling a bit about yourself. Then by reporting a great news story. It can be news from someone you know, the place you live at, or from anywhere else in the world. The important thing is that your report something positive. Tell us where the story took place and summarize it. We also want you to write the news story as a text in maximum 300 characters, including spaces. The news text might be used for future purposes for KLM.

Send in your application

1. Use the free services  or and upload your film there (as a mp4-file, maximum 2 minutes long).
2. Upload your news text and your personal information (name, nationality, age, address, phone number and email) in a Word document or Pages document.
3. Write your personal information in the message box as well.
4. Send your application to 

Application deadline is 13 August 2017.