A week ago, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines introduced its unique orange-coloured Boeing 777-300. The well-known KLM Blue is being combined with orange highlights. The transition between the two colours features aspects of the Dutch flag. The combination emphasises KLM’s Dutch roots and pride in the national colour of the Netherlands.

The introduction of the special aircraft was partly prompted by a social media post KLM published on King’s Day 2015. At the time, KLM’s followers were presented with a picture of an orange aircraft, along with the question: “Should we colour orange next year on King’s Day? #OrangeExperience”. 30,000 likes and 2,500 positive responses later, KLM rolls out its only orange aircraft today.

KLM will deploy the orange Boeing 777 on routine flights within the network and, whenever possible, during events that offer opportunities to promote the Netherlands. The aircraft will debut this summer and will be in operation on the Rio de Janeiro-Amsterdam route during the Olympic Games. On 22 August, KLM will use its orange Boeing to operate the “Medal Flight” that brings the Dutch Olympic heroes home.

Facts & Figures

•    It took four days (24/7) to respray the aircraft.
•    It took 35 people to get the job done.
•    100 rolls of painter’s masking tape were used.
•    335 litres of paint were used.
•    2,000 abrasive pads were used for sanding.
•    1,000 metres of plastic sheeting were used.
•    100 dust-attracting cloths were used to remove the dust.

Source: news.klm.com/orangepride-klms-unique-orange-aircraft-to-promote-the-netherlands