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The future needs friends… pioneers who have the courage to stick their necks out, to take a stand, to support the new, the half-born, while uncertainty remains and failure is still possible.

Boom owes a debt of gratitude to Richard Branson and Virgin for being first to throw in with us, when we were scarcely more than a dream and an engineering concept.

Today we get to give thanks to even more friends: Yoshiharu Ueki, Yasushi Omori, and the rest of the team at Japan Airlines.

We’ve been working with Japan Airlines behind the scenes for well over a year, and today we’re able to speak publicly about the partnership we’ve forged.

It seems fitting that the effort to bring the world closer together now spans three continents.

With a $10M investment and pre-order of 20 aircraft, this is not just a milestone for Boom, but one for civil aviation. JAL is the first airline in history to make a material financial commitment to a faster future. Concorde had dozens of pre-orders — but none carried any financial commitment, and ultimately British Airways and Air France got their Concordes for just £1 apiece.

Japan Airlines
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Decades ago, Concorde delivered a headline feature: speed. JAL is helping Boom deliver something further: a mainstream supersonic airliner, which is practical, reliable, and economic. Their decades of experience as a world-class operator, expertise in everything from passenger experience to safety to technical operations will help us build an airliner not just with marquee speed, but also with the practicality required to truly change the way millions travel.

Thanks, JAL. We look forward to building a faster future together.