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Inflightfeed is a blog, run by Nik Loukas, documenting the many different airline meals offered on various airlines. His blog covers meals he had while traveling a total of 428,000 miles on 405 different flights (on 65 different airlines) to visit 44 countries.

Nik started the site back in 2012 and has spent the last 15 years in the travel and airline industry in varied roles. Today he works as a training manager in Europe, assisting with training and product development projects specifically for airlines. He speaks regularly at industry events, has a regular column in the leading industry magazine Onboard Hospitality as has written for CNN, Yahoo Travel and The Daily Meal just to name a few.

Which is your favourite meal and which Airline do you think has the best inflight food?
Favorite was in first class with Singapore Airlines, either the Japanese Kyo-Kayseki meal, or the Lobster Thermidor. I also think that Aegean, Turkish and Swiss have great meal offerings even in economy class.

Is there anything you can´t eat onboard?
Sometimes seafood can be hit or miss in economy class.

Do you think the infight food has become better or worse?
Yes, I think airlines are investing more time and money into trying to produce better meals.

The blog is not just about inflight meal stories and reviews! They also like to provide information for you on various airlines and their airline food options. Here you will be able to view certain airline food menus, special meals that are available on specific airlines and much more.

All you have to do to search for airline meal information is either scroll through the airlines below or just use the blue search function! You can also search airline food information based on airline alliances such as: Star Alliance, Skyteam, One World or by Airline.

The Inflight Food Trip – It´s Not Just Plane Food!

A documentary that aiming to lift the lid on airline meals, they want to show people that not all airline meals are created equal. And there really are some great airlines and inflight caterers out there trying hard to please even economy passengers.

You can back it here:

Aer LingusAer Lingus breakfast

Air FranceAir France Premium Economy Long Haul Class

Asiana airlinesAsiana Airlines breakfast

NorwegianNorwegian Airlines long haul meal

SwissSwiss Airline Economy meal

IcelandairIcealand Air Cafe style dining

ThompsonThompson long haul meal

ThaiThai Airlines Economy Class meal

Xiamen AirXiamen Air meal

Hong Kong ExpressHong Kong Express Buy Onboard menu


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