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PLAY, a budget airline formed by WOW air’s employees, is ready to launch its flight schedule no later than this fall. Today, the airline has 36 employees, and Arnar, the CEO of PLAY, says the company has been slowly building up staff since last fall

Many of those involved with PLAY previously worked at WOW air, and the new airline is applying lessons learned from the former company.

PLAY will be starting with operating one aircraft, but the fleet can be increased as needed.

PLAY is still waiting on its operating license, but the company is expecting it soon.

„We’re working very closely with the Icelandic Transport Authority on these matters.“ Arnar continues, “All the work behind the scenes is done, but there’s so much connected to Covid-19 that there has been something of a delay.”

With two leased, bright red Airbus A321s, the startup wanted to fly from Keflavík/Reykjavík to initially six destinations in Europe, then to the USA last winter.

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