Meet and greet Frontier’s new parakeets, Domingo and Andrea

Our tail design is a tribute to the vibrant biodiversity of the incredible Hispaniolan parakeet, native to Haiti and the Dominican Republic. By showcasing these beautiful birds, we aim to illuminate their vulnerable species status and emphasize Frontier’s commitment to raising awareness for their conservation.

About Domingo and Andrea the Hispaniolan Parakeets

The Hispaniolan parakeet, also known as the Perico or periquito in Spanish, is a medium-sized parakeet endemic to the island of Hispaniola, shared between Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Our tail celebrates the vibrant biodiversity of this species, drawing attention to its vulnerable status due to habitat loss and exploitation in the pet trade.

The name “Domingo” for this tail is a nod to Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic, where a population of urban parakeets, affectionately known as “Domingo,” offers hope in potentially saving the species from extinction. We are proud to dedicate this tail design to Andrea Thomen, a principal scientist leading a critical project to defend the Hispaniolan parakeet and its habitats across the country. Join us in raising awareness and supporting the conservation efforts for this remarkable and vulnerable species.

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