Fly. Score. Share is the message from the app Fllike.  It’s a free and beautifully simple app that enables you to score and share your in-flight experience.

Super Simple. Super Quick

You can use the unique sliders to quickly and simply score your flight. Browse the feed of flight scores from travellers around the world. Search for the highest rated flights and see which airlines have the highest score.

Share the skies

You can use Fllike to let your friends know just how good or bad your flight was by sharing your score through social media, such as Twitter or Facebook.

Fllike will track your travel and build your profile so you know just how far you’ve flown and how long you’ve been up in the air.

The app lets you give each element of your flight a score ranging from one to ten. Once you’ve keyed in your flight number or scanned your boarding pass, you can rate the seats, the crew, the timeliness, the food, and even the quality of the aircraft by swiping on a slider.

Download it here from iTunes. An Android version will be available early next year.

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