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In conjunction with its annual Press Day, Finnair has today announced the launch of a new business class service concept and new Marimekko design elements for both cabin classes, celebrating its Nordic roots and offering customers a unique Nordic customer experience.

Personal service with dedicated crew  

Inspired by pure essentials , Nordic design and  meaningful encounters, Finnair’s new  service  concept  will  offer a wide r  range of dining  and wine  options, served on-demand and at  a customer’s  preferred time,  just as if you were in a restaurant.

“ More than ever, our  Business Class  customers  enjoy the opportunity to customize their travel and dining experience ,”   says  Piia Karhu , Senior Vice President of Customer Experience at Finnair. “Our objective is t o create an unspoken bond with our guests, every time  they fly. We have dedicated cabin crew personnel  for  business class  passengers,  providing  a more  individual  service , with the aim of setting  new standards for comfort and overall well-being  onboard Finnair flights.

As part of its new concept, Finnair is also introducing the  classic Finnish tradition  “ Kahvikutsut ”   – a coffee serving with seven different treats –  f or  long-haul flights  departing Asia in the morning . This exclusive coffee servic e allows customers to spend  quality time enjoying traditional Finnish treats like  Carelian  pies, cinnamon buns, coffee cake and traditional Finnish chocolates between the two meal services.

Finnair’s new business class service concept will commence as of February 7, 2018, on flights to Seoul, Tokyo and Shanghai, with a gradual roll-out of the remaining long-haul destinations during the spring and summer.

Renewed textiles and Marimekko patterns for both classes  

Finnair will also bring the feeling of the Nordics to the cabin interior of Finnair A350 aircraft with new  cabin textiles and amenities ,  including  new   simple and stylish  seat covers,  and  pillow s , blankets and chinaware  with prints from the iconic Finnish design house Marimekko .

“ With Nordic – inspired design throughout the  entire  cabin, our aim is for our guests to be treated to a travel experience that sooths the senses and clears the mind ,” says David Kondo ,  Head of  Cabin I nterior Development at Finnair.  “ O ur new seat textiles and  comfort  amenities  have a fresh and modern  aesthetic that is inspired by  Nordic homes and  landscapes .   ” The new interior elements are rolled out to Finnair’s Airbus A350 aircraft in phases during 2018.


© Image Courtesy Finnair