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Working in aviation is a passion for many Finnair employees and they may have dreamt about it from a very young age. But many of our employees also have experience from other jobs before they started at Finnair.

Finnair has decreased its capacity by 90% due to the coronavirus epidemic, which has unfortunately led to temporary layoffs. Finnair employees have an opportunity to work for another employer temporarily during the crisis if the business does not compete with Finnair.

Finnish healthcare companies Mehiläinen and Attendo are now giving Finnair employees the opportunity to work for them during the temporary layoffs.

“We’ve always known that Finnair employees have very diverse professional backgrounds and many of them have a degree in healthcare”, tells Anu Kolari from Mehiläinen HR. “Mehiläinen and Finnair are similar in the way that we both work in an agile way, and we were able to quickly agree on the process to offer employment for people who might be looking for temporary work during the layoff period.”

There are a lot of open vacancies in healthcare in the Helsinki metropolitan area. 67 Finnair employees indicated they were interested in working for Mehiläinen, and a couple of people have already begun working in their new roles. Mehiläinen is looking to find employment for the rest of the interested Finnair employees during April and May.

Most Finnair employees who end up working at Mehiläinen have a background in healthcare. But people can also apply for other roles within the organisation.

A temporary job could help in financial difficulties or give opportunities to learn new skills and do meaningful work during the layoffs. Finnair will remain the main employer even during the layoff period, and work at Finnair will resume after the temporary layoff.

“At Mehiläinen, we believe in the power of networks and we like to work together with other organisations to offer job opportunities for healthcare professionals who are currently working outside the industry,” Anu Kolari says. “I’m really glad we were able to create this new process with Finnair and help each other in this difficult situation.”