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Ecolodge Reserve Resort Eldorado

Ecolodge Reserve Resort Eldorado is a vacation and wellness mountain resort, located 1 hour from GIG international airport of Rio de Janeiro,  where special groups, families and wedding & honeymooners can enjoy nature and peace in luxury on a mountain top with breathtaking views.
The resort provides accommodation for cabin crew groups, who instead of staying in a city hotel, choose for this alternative closer to the airport with a ‘little holiday’ feeling, AND at the same time add their sustainable footprint to experience and spend precious time in a nature reserve.
By staying overnight each guest contributes to our Eldorado Reforestation Program. This sustainable replanting program aims to protect the Brazilian Atlantic
Rainforest (Mata Atlantica) and restore the original flora in the nature reserve by means of reforestation of native flora and rare palm trees, which have
disappeared over time, and consequently bringing back exotic fauna life. 
The special package for Airline Staff offers
– Transfer from and back to the GIG-airport Rio de Janeiro, €30 per person/Transfer
– All-inclusive overnight stay with 3 daily home made meals (menu available on request)
– Tailor-made staff services (cooking, serving, cleaning, ..)
– Guided horseback riding, trekking excursions in and around the reserve with waterfalls
– Fishing in our mountain lakes
– Bird watching
– Paragliding over the mountain landscape (for professionals only)

Airline Staff Discount:  Euro 85 per night, incl. breakfast, horseback riding, excursions, all facilities, staff service – 25% discount is included in the rate

All-inclusive (with lunch & dinner) will be Euro 125 p.p/night