Embodying the functionality and pioneering spirit of the iconic Swiss Army Knife, the CheckSmart device instantly gives the location of the luggage to the owner after he lands at his destination.  Should the luggage get lost, a traveler can contact baggage claim services or call the airline’s baggage hotline for further arrangements.

This easy-to-use device is set up by registering it on the checksmart.victorinox.com website or using the free CheckSmart Luggage Tracker mobile app which is available from iTunes or the Play Store. Once activated, travelers place the CheckSmart Luggage Tracker inside a bag that is being checked in.

The device independently puts itself into sleep mode to conform with airline regulations and wakes upon landing. Upon arrival, customers receive a notification of the bag’s location by email or text messages speeding up any questionable waiting time at an airport conveyor belt.

The new device works with most smartphones and mobile phones anywhere in the world and is FAA compliant. It comes with a two-year guarantee and the gadget has received a seal of approval.

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