Digital tag

With the RIMOWA Electronic Tag, passengers will be able to check-in their luggage from anywhere though their app and drop it off at the airport within seconds.

The RIMOWA app personalises the Electronic Tag and activates it so that it can communicate with airline apps.

Flight data is then sent to the selected item of luggage via Bluetooth and shown on the display.

The RIMOWA luggage also supports airline real-time tracking of luggage.

Rimowa’s electronic tag is essentially an E Ink display with the same width as a standard paper luggage tag (it already has the green stripe required for all flights departing from European airports), and it uses Bluetooth radio to grab data from either Rimowa’s dedicated app or supported airline apps — right now these are only available on iOS.

At the time of market launch, the RIMOWA Electronic Tag may be used only Lufthansa and EVA air. The system will be continuously expanded to include leading global airline partners, next up is United, Condor and Thomas Cook. Y

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