Describe a crazy standby experience you had.
– It was the third week in August, which, besides Spring Break, is the worst time to fly standby. I was with my sister and we were trying to get out of Barcelona. There was one last seat on the only flight to Philadelphia so I put my sister on that flight, counting on getting on a flight the next day. As soon as the boarding doors closed, I realized that I had also sent my sister with all of our money — leaving me stranded in Spain with twenty Euro to my name and no credit cards!

Name one of your favourite destinations and give us some tips on what to do there.
– Kyoto, Japan is my favorite city in the whole world (so far!). To get there, fly United from SFO-KIX. Buy an ICOCA pass at the airport train station in Osaka and you’ll get a roundtrip train ticket to Kyoto Station along with a subway pass preloaded with plenty of money — all for only $40USD.

In Kyoto, visit the many beautiful temples and shrines, the Imperial Palace and Nijo Castle. There is an amazing Manga Museum and Sake Museum as well. Try kaizen sushi at Kyoto Station and take in traditional Kyoto cuisine at a neighborhood cafe.

What is one of the first thing you do when you come to a new place and what is your favourite source for destination tips.
– I try to stay at a well-recommended hostel, and then I talk to the staff about their favorite places. I also try to find a good internet cafe right away and plan out my day: download neighborhood maps, locate public transportation and practice a few phrases in the local language.

Mention a weird thing you have experience onboard.
– Most recently, the strangest thing that has happened is that my aircraft was struck by lightning in flight. We were descending into San Diego in the middle of a storm and — bam! A bright light and loud noise jolted the whole plane. We landed without incident but I felt like my hair was standing on end. When I began my Arrival announcement, I noticed that my watch had stopped at the exact moment our craft was struck by the bolt of lightning!

What do you love most about your job
– I love interacting with people, and helping their journey go smoothly, if possible. I also love not having a nine-to-five schedule, I love long stretches of days off and the flexibility to design my own work schedule.

What is your best tip to avoid jet lag?
– Water! Lots and lots of water. I take melatonin to help regulate my sleep and take Vitamin C to help wake up.

What is your titel and which airline do you work for?
– I am a flight attendant working for SkyWest Airlines and am based out of Seattle, Washington.


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