Which of these 10 uniforms do you think has the best look?



Qantas is looking smart in punchy uniforms that invoke the same diagonal linearity and swoosh as the airline’s world-famous kangaroo logo. The uniform is designed by Martin Grant, one of Australia’s most acclaimed international fashion designers.



Delta Airlines new uniform by Zac Posen will be tested in December and rolled out by the Airlines’s 60,000-some employees in 2018. The uniform is made of an ottoman fabric that’s stain-resistant and stretchy. Anti-bacterial materials are woven into the lining of the jacket.

Virgin Atalntic

Virgin Atlantic

Vivienne Westwood’s glamorous crew uniforms, first seen in her Red Label spring/summer 2005 collection is worn by Virgin Atlantic employees. The uniforms should be eco-friendly too; the polyester yarn comes from recycled plastic bottles.


All Nippon Airways

Japan’s ANA (All Nippon Airways) revealed its latest uniforms in 2014, designed by the Nepalese-born, New York-based designer Prabal Gurung.  The uniform feature grey suiting with subtle pops of color, paired with modern blue and pink blouses. The highlight? Scarves and aprons printed with Japanese flower patterns—an ode to the airline’s heritage.

china Eastern

China Eastern Airline

The Chinese Airline has a stylish new uniform, designed by none other than fashion superbrand Christian Lacroix. The bywords are “simple, beautiful and dignified”, says China Eastern, “Shanghai-style fashion”.


Vueling Airlines

Spanish Low-Cost Metro carrier Vueling Airline invited conversations from their staff to help create the uniforms, and more than 75% of cabin crew got involved. Considering the amount of voices, these uniforms have come together with what looks a singular coherent vision. Cabin crew submitting hundreds of sketches, made suggestions, expressed opinions, and responded to surveys. Cabin crew members even worked alongside professionals to create the final designs.


Tigerair Australia

The uniforms are based on a design by Tiger Holdings and were customised for Australia with staff involvement and that of a local production company. They have been designed to take into account the extremes in climate experienced flying from Melbourne to the Top End.

China Airlines

China Airlines

The look, designed by Oscar-nominee costume designer William Chang, features bold colour blocks in sharp contrast–such as red and violet and white and blue-gray. The uniform, with its three different colour combinations for both women and men representing each crew role, is a fusion of a traditional Mandarin gown and modern Western fashion.



Designed by Ettore Bilotta, a Milan based haute couturier, the striking new look has been designed and tailor-made by a team of nearly 500 people in Italy, with fabrics made in Tuscany, silk in Como, men’s uniforms tailored in Puglia, and leather accessories such as gloves in Naples, and shoes in the Marche region – all re-imagining the 1950’s and 60’s.

Korean airlines

Korean Airlines

Designed back in 2005 by Gianfranco Ferré, and have mix of simple eggshell blue, whites & creams and gravity defying neck scarves and leather gloves help to encapsulate the sheer elegance of the airline.


Delta increases pay for most employees by 6 %


As Delta people continue powering outstanding financial and operational results, the company is continuing to invest in them. 

The airline announced last week that it is increasing most employees’ base pay by 6 percent while continuing to offer a generous profit sharing plan. The company also is increasing its automatic 401(k) contribution to three percent while maintaining a dollar-for-dollar match of the first 6 percent of eligible earnings.

In a memo to employees, CEO Ed Bastian said, “I’m proud to say that Delta has led the industry in compensation increases for our employees the last several years and has set the standard for other airlines to follow. This increase, coupled with our profit sharing program that also leads the industry by workgroup, enables us to maintain industry leading total compensation among our global competitors.”


Qantas Business Class Pyjamas receive a makeover with the famous flying kangaroo logo


Qantas has redesigned the iconic Business class pyjamas for customers travelling on international flights, following the update of the airline’s livery and flying kangaroo logo.

The cotton rich long-sleeved pyjamas have been redesigned by Qantas to feature a new raglan-style top with a seam from the underarm to the collar bone and draw-string pant in a more relaxed fit.

The unisex pyjamas remain grey, while the Kangaroo logo has been updated and changed to a navy blue. The shirt also features QANTAS printed on the back of the neck.

Qantas Head of Customer Product & Service Development Phillip Capps said the airline was pleased to give the iconic Qantas Business class pyjamas a fresh look, in line with the new Qantas branding.

“There is no doubt that our Business class sleepwear is an important aspect of the overall customer experience. They’ve become part of the inflight dress code with about 95 per cent of people not only wearing them on board, but also taking them home,” he said.

“We introduced sleepwear in the late 1990s and with each design update throughout the years, we’ve made tweaks and adjustments to ensure they offer style and much needed comfort when you are laying in them for up to 15 hours.”

The new-look pyjamas will be available on flights progressively from 7 November.

Qantas offers pyjamas to customers travelling in Business on select international flights between Australia and Los Angeles, Dallas/Fort Worth, San Francisco, Hawaii, Santiago, Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing, Tokyo, Johannesburg, Shanghai, Vancouver, Dubai and London.

Qantas recently updated the sleepwear for customers travelling in First class, designed by Australian fashion designer, Martin Grant.

Source: www.qantasnewsroom.com.au/media-releases/qantas-business-class-pyjamas-receive-a-makeover/

Qantas Qantas Qantas


Delta pilot reflects on being aviation pioneer for women

Delta pilot

As a college student in 1979, Cathy Cook had plans to go law school and in her spare time, she would fly airplanes. Despite falling in love with aviation when she was a girl, women pilots were rare in those days so Cook never considered making her hobby into a career.

Then, when an unexpected opportunity arose, Cook changed course and joined the U.S. Air Force, putting her on a path she had never imagined possible – becoming a pilot. As a result, she was one of the first civilian women to complete U.S. military flight training. She would later become one of the first women to fly combat missions, in Operation Desert Storm.

Now, Cook is living out her dream as an L.A.-based-Delta pilot, and in the coming months, she will be featured in Women Veterans Alliance’s “What Does a Woman Veteran Look Like – Ten Women Answer the Question, Volume 2.” Delta News Hub talked with her about being a pioneer for women in aviation and how she got to where she is today.

Delta News Hub: What first spurred your interest in aviation?

Cook: Growing up, I was always active and loved the outdoors. If there was anything to drive or ride – motorcycles, cars, boats – I was on it. I became interested in flying through my dad’s collection of model airplanes. We would build them together from kits, put a motor on them and then go out and fly them. But at the time, flying was a completely male-oriented career. It wasn’t until I was in college when I thought, ‘I’m going to take flying lessons and get my license.’

DNH: How did you decide to take your aviation skills to the military?

Cook: While I was taking lessons, I was also putting myself through school, making $2 an hour plus tips as a waitress – it was 1979. Flying lessons were $38 an hour, so it took 19 hours of work for just one hour of flying. One day I came across a newspaper article that said the military was putting women through flight training for the first time. I was instantly intrigued and captivated, so I got up my courage and decided to talk to an Air Force recruiter about pilot training.

I think he was more amused by me than anything. He explained that they were only training women who already had military experience, but I could become a navigator instead. However, I knew in my heart that I wanted to be a pilot, so I stuck to my guns and turned down the opportunity.

Three months passed, and the recruiter called me back, asking if I was still interested. A new program had crossed his desk for pilot training of five women with no prior experience. I said, ‘Yes, my bags are packed! When can I leave?’ That moment, my life changed completely.

DNH: What was it like as one of the only women in the U.S. Air Force’s pilot training program?

Cook: My classmates were accepting of me, but it was still hard being the only woman in my section. I did my best to fit in with the other students and to just be “one of the guys,” but at times, I felt isolated. I made some lifelong friends from that group and several of us are now fellow pilots with Delta.

Overall, pilot training was one of the most exhilarating, challenging and rewarding experiences of my life. It’s a personal accomplishment that I will always carry with pride. It helped me develop into the strong, confident and self-reliant person I am today.

DNH: Later in your military career you served in Desert Storm. What was your role?

Cook: During a routine military training weekend in August 1990, our Wing Commander came in and announced a top secret briefing. He explained that the Iraqis had invaded Kuwait and threatened to enter Saudi Arabia, which had asked for the United States’ assistance. The military was looking for Air Force Reserve pilots, so I volunteered right away.

Less than three days later, I was flying into Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, refueling aircraft stationed in the Red Sea and supporting Air Force missions into Baghdad. I was there as part of Operation Desert Shield for three months as a deterrent to keep Saddam Hussein from attacking Saudi Arabia. Then, the U.S. declared war. My Reserve unit was called back into Active Duty, and we returned to Saudi Arabia – that was the beginning of Desert Storm. During that time, I was Aircraft Commander in the KC-135, air refueling fighter jets that were used to strike Iraq.

That was the first time in U.S. history that women were allowed to participate in air combat missions. As a result, after the war, the Pentagon changed policy to allow women to fly fighter jets.  I’m very proud to have helped blaze that trail for future women fighter pilots and to knock down that barrier.

DNH: At one point in your career, you were a Delta pilot and in the Air Force Reserves. Now you’re a Delta pilot and a mom. How are you able to balance all of those responsibilities?

Cook: I was flying the KC-135, air refueling military jets all over the world for seven and a half years on active duty. That’s where I really honed my flying skills. When my commitment was up, I decided to go into commercial aviation, and Delta Air Lines was my first choice.  I stayed in the Air Force Reserves because I wanted to keep my flying skills sharp while I started my career at Delta as a B-727 Flight Engineer.  Then a year later, I upgraded to First Officer at Delta, and I would go back and forth between the L.A. Air Force base and my routes. I was flying all the time. When I fell in love and decided to settle down and start a family, I had to let go of my Air Force career so I could make time for my personal life.

Being a mom is the most important, fulfilling, wonderful job I’ve ever had. It’s been a crazy juggling act between being away flying, and still making sure my boys, husband included, are taken care of at home. I have a super-supportive husband and great friends and family, and somehow everything always works out. It’s all about lots of love, keeping a positive attitude, doing your best and having lots of flexibility. It takes teamwork and time management, but if you’re willing to make the sacrifice, you can make it work and it’s the most rewarding experience in my life.

DNH: What advice can you give to other women who dream of being a pilot but aren’t sure where to start?

Cook:  Today, the sky is the limit for women who want to be pilots. It takes someone with a burning desire to fly because it is a very demanding career.  It takes an adventurous spirit; you’ve got to be a confident leader, someone with good judgment, reliable, have the ability to handle emergency situations and be technical minded. It takes a lot of dedication because, as a pilot, you’re always being required to learn new skills, adapt to the latest technologies and being challenged with unexpected situations over and over again.

It’s not just a profession – it’s a calling. There’s no reason not to pursue that dream, and this is the best time ever for women who want to pursue their dreams of flying.


Source: www.news.delta.com/qa-delta-pilot-reflects-being-aviation-pioneer-women


Aer new zealand

World’s best airlines for 2017 awarded by AirlineRatings

Aer New Zealand

AirlineRatings.com the world’s foremost safety and product rating website has selected Air New Zealand as its 2017 Airline of the Year for the fourth consecutive year.

Airline of the Year Air New Zealand is being honored for the fourth consecutive year for its record-breaking financial performance, award-winning in-flight innovations, operational safety, environmental leadership and motivation of its staff. These factors have stamped the airline as an industry trendsetter. The AirlineRatings.com Airline Excellence Awards program combines four major international industry and government audits, with another nine key criteria that include: fleet age, passenger review ratings, profitability, investment rating and key product offerings.

AirlineRatings.com Editor-in-Chief Geoffrey Thomas said:

“In our objective analysis Air New Zealand came out number one in virtually all of our audit criteria, which is an exceptional performance.”

Aer New ZealandAir New Zealand’s award winning Business Premier on the Boeing 777 

The editorial team, one of the world’s most awarded and experienced, lauded Air New Zealand’s commitment to a young fleet and its continual focus on the environment.  The airline also won Best Premium Economy Class for the third time. Air New Zealand has been a leader in the airline industry for years and has won countless awards including Air Transport World’s Airline of the Year in 2010 and 2012.  “Quite simply Air New Zealand is an airline of first choice. And given the airline’s location and the country’s size, its performance is even more remarkable,” said Mr Thomas. “This outstanding performance has seen Air New Zealand catapult to the top tier of the industry in a host of areas.” Air New Zealand Chief Executive Officer Christopher Luxon says being recognised once again by the industry is a real highlight for its people in a record year of performance.

“The past 12 months have been exceptional for Air New Zealand – we’ve continued to invest in a streamlined and refurbished fleet, launched three new international routes and rolled out improvements to the customer experience with enhanced inflight entertainment and a multi-million dollar lounge redevelopment programme.   “Above all, the award is testament to the talented team of people who make Air New Zealand great by putting customers at the heart of everything we do.” –

Best First Class
This award has been won by Etihad Airways for the third year running because its First Class still leads the industry. “Etihad’s commitment to excellence appears to know no bounds. The airline’s new First Class and Business Class offerings are quite stunning and have set the bar even higher in luxury travel,” said Mr Thomas. “In what is an incredible achievement in just over 13 years Etihad Airways has stamped itself not only as a major force in the airline industry but a trendsetter.”

Virgin australiaVirgin Australia Buiness Class

Best Business Class
This year Virgin Australia has taken out this much sought after award with its “The Business” suite which is more First Class than Business Class. The major plus for this product is the bed with its triple-layer seat cushion supported by a hammock sub-frame which guarantees a really good sleep. There is also ample space for gadgets and shelf space to place one’s laptop while having dinner.

Best Premium Economy
Air New Zealand has won Best Premium Economy once again for its lead in this class. The airline is continually innovating in all cabins and this has resulted in higher yields as passengers upgrade their travel experience. “Air New Zealand has shown better than any other airline that passengers will pay more if the product is right and priced accordingly. Its efforts in this space are a lesson to all airlines that passengers want better and are prepared to pay.” Best Economy Singapore Airlines picks up

Singapore AirlinesSingapore Airlines Economy Class
Best Economy Class
Singapore Airlines picks up Best Economy Class.  The airline has always been a leader in the economy class product going back to the 1960s when as Malaysia-Singapore Airlines it introduced free headsets and free drinks to economy passengers. And the innovation has never stopped with the airline amongst the first to offer seat back videos to economy passengers in the early 1990s

Virgin Cabin CrewVirgin Cabin Crew

Best Cabin Crew
Best Cabin Crew award has been won by Virgin Group airlines – Virgin Australia, Virgin Atlantic and Virgin America.  “These airlines’ cabin crew treat every passenger whether in row 1 or at the back of the bus as a special guest,” said Mr. Thomas. “Their commitment to their passengers is outstanding and is a benchmark of what cabin service should be.”

Best Catering
Qantas has taken out this award for the third year running on the back of the airline’s domestic offering which is the world’s best. Its commitment not only to premium dining, but to economy travel which makes up 90 per cent of passengers is well ahead of the pack. The airline has introduced an unprecedented four choices of main meal for economy passengers, a doubling in the size of meals, and the ability to order online ahead of the flight. “Qantas’s catering commitment to both its domestic and international passengers is industry leading,” said Mr. Thomas

Qantas Lounges

Best Lounges
Another win for Qantas. Its lounges have become an Australian air travel institution and Qantas’ overseas offerings are also an industry benchmark. Qantas Lounges not only provide complimentary food and beverages the airline was a leader in installing showers. Importantly the airline’s lounges have robust broadband internet access that can handle demand – something lacking in many other airlines’ lounges. “The Qantas Lounge is the place to be for the savvy traveler,” said Mr Thomas.

Best In-Flight Entertainment
Emirates, which was one of the pioneers of IFE, wins AirlineRatings.com Best IFE award. The airline has an IFE product that few airlines equal. Airlineratings.com editors noted that Emirates was one of the first adopters, particularly for economy class. By 1993 all the airline’s seats were fitted with IFE. Emirates ICE has a host of features. It allows you to follow the progress of your flight, or take in the view from the aircraft’s external cameras. You can keep in touch with live business, news and sport headlines. As a communication tool it provides phone, SMS or email capability. For entertainment there are 600 channels of premium entertainment.

Best Domestic Class
In an era where domestic offerings are becoming leaner Qantas’s domestic in-flight product is a global standout and in many cases, matches or exceeds international service. “There is little doubt Australians are the world’s most spoilt passengers with full meal service on all flights across its network, said Mr Thomas. Qantas offers complimentary beer and wine between capital cities after 4pm on weekdays and on transcontinental flights from lunch time daily. The airline has recently completed the rollout of its lie-flat beds on its A330 fleet which perform most of the transcontinental services.   

Best Long Haul
Best Long Haul Airline awards have been won by: Etihad (Middle East/Africa), Singapore Airlines (Asia/Pacific), Virgin Atlantic (Europe) and Delta Airline Lines (The Americas). These four airlines in their regions set the benchmark. “Etihad Airways is the new kid on the block and is challenging the product leadership of Singapore Airlines, while Virgin Atlantic and Delta Air Lines both have rich histories in pioneering long haul travel and new aircraft designs.”

Best Low Cost Airline
There is no question that the Low Cost Airline market is the most competitive and also the most rapidly growing. Thus competition to be the best is a challenge of balancing product with low prices. AirlineRatings.com winners are: Virgin America (The Americas), Scoot (Asia/Pacific), Kulula.com (Africa/ Middle-East) and Norwegian (Europe). The four airlines are leaders in their markets with innovations and they are consistently delivering an excellent value proposition. “These airlines may not always offer the lowest fare but what they almost always do is deliver by far the best value,” said Mr Thomas. And these airlines open new routes and bring travel to millions who could previously not afford to fly.

Source: www.airlineratings.com/news/worlds-best-airlines-for-2017-awarded

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways won prize for Best International Business Class on their A350

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways received three prestigious honours at the 2016 Travel Weekly Magellan Awards held in New York recently. Gold, the highest honour, was awarded to Qatar Airways for its International Business Class experience on the A350 aircraft, and Silver was awarded for its International Economy Class as well as its A350 and Going Places Together brand campaign.

Qatar Airways was the global launch custome of the A350, Airbus’ latest, most technologically advanced aircraft in the world, and currently operates 12 in its fleet of more than 190 aircraft. Qatar Airways was the first to fly the A350 to three continents, and currently operates the aircraft from Doha to Boston, New York, and Philadelphia in the United States.

Qatar Airways’ Business Class has received many accolades and recognition this year, including Best Business Class from Business Traveller Awards, Skytrax’s World’s Best Business Class 2016 and Best Business Class Airline Lounge. The airline will introduce a new Business Class concept in the first quarter of 2017, refreshing an already award-winning product and taking it to the next level.

Similarly, the world’s fastest growing airline is recognised for its comfortable Economy Class experience, which features the Oryx One on-demand entertainment system with up to 3,000 choices, an international menu with up to 22 special dietary requests available, and curated children’s kits for the youngest travellers.

Qatar Airways introduced its new brand campaign, Going Places Together, in New York in December 2015, to rave reviews; culminating with this most recent Travel Weekly Magellan Silver Award.

Qatar Airways Senior Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communications, Ms. Salam Al Shawa, said:
“We are thrilled to be honoured by the panel of experts gathered by Travel Weekly, and we are deeply appreciative of this recognition by our industry’s experts. Qatar Airways brand campaign, Going Places Together, reflects the attitude we bring to the travel experience – we want to be part of our passengers’ journey, to experience the transformative power of travel with them. It is truly an honour to be recognised by your peers, and I extend my congratulations to the other award winners this year.”

Adding to Qatar Airways’ overall experience is Hamad International Airport, the airline’s hub and home, and the most technologically advanced international airport. With a minimum connecting time of just 30 minutes, and more than 500 daily flights to more than 150 destinations on six continents, Doha’s premier airport is designed to be more than a waypoint. With luxury shopping, spa services, squash courts and even its own hotel, Hamad International Airport is a highlight of the global travel experience, and was recently recognised as the World’s Best Airport in 2016 by Skytrax, less than two years after opening.
From design to marketing to services, the Travel Weekly Magellan Awards honours the best in travel and salutes the outstanding travel professionals behind it all.

Source: www.qatarairways.com/global/en/press-release

Qatar Airways Qatar Airways Qatar Airways Qatar Airways Qatar AirwaysA350 A350