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Location in Cappadocia, Turkey: For us it all started as a dream for a home in the small, historic town of Uçhisar. Soon we realized that this home was going to be too beautiful, and to be honest too large, to be enjoyed alone and that we should share it with friends. The natural progression from here was to open our doors to everyone, so the idea of a private getaway in the heart of Cappadocia blossomed into a Boutique & Cave Hotel in Cappadocia …… All our guests at Taşkonaklar Hotel, Cappadocia are welcomed as if they are friends in our home.
The heritage of thousands years old civilisations, the expertise of our architects and the delicate craftsmanship of the workers combined with our enthusiasm to create this beautiful boutique style cave hotel in Cappadocia.

Taskonaklar Hotel
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Contact: info@taskonaklar.com
Website: www.taskonaklar.com