Buttercup the Utah Prairie Dog, the newest member of Frontiers Fleet

The Utah Prairie Dog, a very social species, thrives in tight-knit family groups known as coteries. Unfortunately, they have been on the endangered species list since 1973, facing numerous threats such as habitat loss from human development, plague outbreaks, and deliberate human harm. Despite these challenges, conservation efforts since 1972 have resulted in a positive impact, increasing their population.

Buttercup’s namesake comes from the Autumn Buttercup, an herbaceous perennial native to Utah. Similar to the Utah Prairie Dog species, the Autumn Buttercup flower is also facing endangerment due to intense agricultural activities, particularly livestock grazing of wet meadows and wetland drainage. However, there is hope, as grazing has been halted on Nature Conservancy lands, offering a chance for their recovery and survival.

Endangered Animals intitative

Frontier is dedicated to bringing awareness to the endangered animals within the continental U.S.A. You can learn more about our endangered animal tails here.

Aircraft Information

Aircraft Model: Airbus A321-271NeoX
Aircraft Registration: N616FR

Seat Capacity: 240

Engine Type: PW1133GA-JM

First Flight: 04/18/23

Final Assembly Location: USA


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