A British Airways flight from Johannesburg to London was almost home when a service trolley hit a water pipe causing the cabin to flood.

The cabin crew rushed to get blankets on the ground to soak up the water leaking into the lower cabin of the Airbus A380 on Sunday.

Passenger Nicolas Gausserand, who is a frequent flier with the airline, said he initially thought the water had come from a bottle thrown in the plane.

But the ruptured water pipe continued to leak water into the cabin for 15 minutes.

The cabin crew were “overwhelmed”, Gausserand said, adding that the leak created a “weird atmosphere” on board the flight.

He says that although the leak was from the upper deck, passengers on both parts of the plane were left with wet feet and belongings.

One of the pilots told the passengers that the leak was not dangerous, and that the plane would land as normal at Heathrow, although the electrical system was turned off.

After landing safely, the Aviation Herald says the aircraft was taken out of service for 64 hours while the fault was investigated.


Source: the Aviation Herald & British Airways