The Canadian company Bombardier has created an aircraft with seats designed to accommodate the expanding waistlines of passengers. The new seats are an inch bigger than the Airbus A319 seats.

Bombardier’s CS100 plane features 47cm wide window and aisle seats, as well as middle seats that are 48cm wide.

This is compared to smaller seat widths for competitor planes such as the Airbus A319 (46cm) or the Boeing 737 (44cm). EasyJet currently offers snugger seats with a minimum of 17.5ins (44cm) in width available but Ryanair is even less generous with seats only up to 43cm wide.

Bigger windows, wide aisles and large overhead luggage bins
They also feature the biggest windows in the single aisle market, large overhead luggage bins that can accommodate a carry-on bag for each passenger and wide aisles.

The first CS100 airplane was set to enter service with SWISS on 15 July, from Zurich, Switzerland to Paris-Charles de Gaulle.

SWISS will then go on to gradually replace its Avro RJ100 fleet and some other existing planes with the C Series.

Ross Mitchell, Bombardier’s vice-president of commercial operations, told the Guardian that airlines needed bigger seats for heavier customers.

We went to airlines and asked them what the appropriate sizes were. They said 18-19 inches because it gives people more room in the seat. Airlines were looking to have an option with more comfort,’ he said.


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