It’s not uncommon to kick off one’s vacation with a neck kink from an in-flight nap. Flying is rarely the most comfortable of experiences, but Boeing’s has filed a new patent to turn that trope upside-down—or maybe faceside-down would be more accurate. It’s called the “Cuddle Chair,” and it’s meant to live just under your seat.

Here’s how it works: flyers will be able to retrieve the backpack-like package from beneath their seats, unfolding it by holding the pack in front of them, pulling the straps out, and attaching them to the “mating buckles” on the passenger’s seat headrest. A head cushion pulls out of the top of the pack, creating a “face relief aperture” for the user to rest on. The body of the pack acts at the chest cushion, angled, in theory, just right for snoozing. It’s easier to see than to explain, so check out the explanatory video, complete with an animated Tom Cruise:

Sacrificing precious under-seat storage space might be a hard sell for some, but there’s arguably no better way to build up that vacation energy than by actually getting some shut-eye on your overnight flight.