Grand Lucayan Bahamas

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 Grand Lucayan Bahamas  Grand Lucayan Bahamas  Grand Lucayan Bahamas  Grand Lucayan Bahamas
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Location on Bahamas:  Grand Bahama Island is the fourth largest island and second most popular tourist destination in the Bahamas. Located less than 70 miles from the coast of Florida, the island is 539 square miles in size and features long stretches of secluded beachfront, wildlife habitats, tropical gardens, charming neighborhoods and plenty to see and do.The crystalline ocean encircling Grand Bahama Island is a playground for water sports of all kinds, from boating or jet-skiing to kite-boarding and para-sailing. Close-in shallow areas are filled with coral reefs and submerged rocks, creating an abundant underwater world for fishing, snorkeling and diving. Shark-feeding dives, dolphin encounters and other adventurous dives can be arranged through UNEXSO.

Grand Lucayan Bahamas
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